Saturday, March 29, 2008

Xena and Ambrosia

These are two ewes we've just recently added to our flock.  Xena and Ambrosia!  They seem to be finding their places within the flock and one of their jobs is babysitting the new lambs.  I wish the picture would have been more centered.  I reallllly need a new camera! :)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Kids have arrived!

Our Toggenburg doe finally gave birth today.  She was bred to a pygmy buck so we weren't sure what the babies would look like.  Well, they are absolutely adorable, all three!  They are still wet in this picture but I couldn't wait.  The one on the right is a buck and the other two are does.  I'll have to get some more pictures now that they are dry. hee hee  Mom and babies are doing well, now we are waiting on our Kinder doe who was bred to the same pygmy buck.  Not the best picture of me, no make-up and wild hair, but hey, I was so excited that those kids were finally here I didn't care!

Another Set of Twins!

We left the house for only 2 and a half hours yesterday evening to go visit my parents.  We carefully checked with the sheep before we left and they assured us they were fine.  When we arrived back home we were surprised to find a beautiful set of twins out of Limpus CeCe and Windswept Bravo.  One blettet ewe and one tri-colored bersugget ram.  All are doing well this morning.  We have three more ewes left to go and our two does, Sunshine (Kinder) and Nellie (Tog), both bred to a pygmy buck.

More Lambs!

We were blessed with another set of twins on Tuesday, March 25 from CenturyFarm Mary and Windswept Bravo.  Two blettet marked rams!  I just love the "mutton chops" they seem to have.

First Lambs of 2008

Here are our first lambs of 2008 and we are off to a great start!  Two white ewes out of LostLakeFarm Phoebe and Windswept Bravo. These twins arrived on Wednesday, March 19.  Mama and babies are doing fine!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Ducks!

Here's a pic of our new Easter ducklings we picked up yesterday at a couple of local farm supply stores.  We picked out 4 Mallards cause we thought they were adorable with their pretty colors, 2 white pekin cause Matthew just had to have a white duck and then we were lucky enough to find some Khaki Campbells and we took 4 of those for egg production.  I'm not sure if there is anything cuter than a baby duck!