Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Camera!!!

I finally got my new camera and I've been having a blast playing with it!  Here are some of the pictures I got today.  More to come in the near future!

This is Madison with her twin ram lambs.

CeeCee and her bersugget ram and blettet ewe.
Goofy goats!
Our yearling Tiara and her beautiful little ram lamb who wanted to come out backwards and needed some assistance from the vet.  These two belong to Ben and Matt's flock.
Another shot of Madison's yuglet, flecket ram.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Nice photos! Congratulations on your new camera.

Kathy said...

What beautiful snapshots of your lambs! It looks like you had a very colorful "crop" this year. :)

Having the right camera makes all the difference doesn't it? The camera my DH gave me for Christmas has so many bells and whistles it's gonna take me until next Christmas to learn about everything!

Nancy K. said...

Hey! Where'd the yuglet/flecket come from??? He's gorgeous! His mom reminds me very much of Phoebe!

Redbud Lane Farm said...

He came from Bravo of course! His mom is Locksfield Madison out of Locksfield Greystoke and Locksfield McCleady Laine (whom I also own).

I'm just loving this new camera. Now if only the sun would shine (and the snow would stop) so I could get out there and take some more pics!