Sunday, June 21, 2009

Catching UP

It's been almost a month since I've posted and a lot has been going on here at Redbud Lane. Mostly we are being overrun with ducklings! These silly ducks are sooooo good at hiding their nests. lol Mrs. Mallard took her 14 babies and left so we don't have them anymore. We do have the ducklings out of 3 Indian Runners' nests, a total of 28 and two more are still sitting. These are all mutt ducks, a real mixture of different breeds. They are being sold for $2 each if anyone is interested. :)

The lambs are getting big and weaning is just around the corner. I believe we have decided to spend our July 4th separating the ewes from the lambs. Three of the wethers are sold and I've decided to keep two for myself. That leaves four wethers still available at $50 each or a discount if you purchase more than one. I have quite a few ewe lambs available too as well as some of the moms. I have decided to downsize a bit until the boys are finished with school. I need to take pictures but it's hard for me. Some of the moms have been a part of my flock for several years and I'm having a hard time with my decision to let them go to new homes.

Our miniature donkey, Pearl, is still expecting and getting quite a belly. We can hardly wait for the baby to arrive.

I promise more pictures in the near future, feel free to bug me for them! :)

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Nancy K. said...

Oh, Deb ~ I know just how hard it is to make the decision to let those mature ewes go! I know you'll find them good homes. And think of all the love you've given them...