Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sheep For Sale - Ewe Lamb #55

This little darling is out of Century Farm Mary (Our farm name was Century Farm before we moved) and by Windswept Bravo and was born 4/21/10. She will be turning gray as she gets older but will be registered as gray, flecket. She is priced at $200.


Nancy K. said...

I was so hoping for a grey lamb from Alice this year but she gave me THREE muskets!

You should actually register your lamb as a grey flecket. That way it is clear that it has the Ag gene. If you register her as black flecket, people will not know (by looking at her pedigree or those of her offspring) that she is grey.


Enjoy your beautiful babies!

Redbud Lane Farm said...

Thanks Nancy! These Shetland colors are so confusing to me, lol. Bravo just keeps giving us beautiful babies, and he is a joy to have on the farm.

Renee said...

Jonah W.
I am am looking for about a nine ewe's and I would be very interested In your rams bravo and magnum.

Renee said...

and please give me a call at 16185769800