Monday, August 25, 2008


This is Opie, a musket bersugget katmoget out of Limpus CeCe and by Windswept Bravo. He looks just his mama! This is him with his mom(NOT for sale) and sis(FOR SALE). He is well-mannered and working hard on his halter training. A wonderful tail, wide horns and soft fleece make him one of my favorites this year. He should give you lots of color and markings. Priced at $300 with a full guarantee on his horns.


Anonymous said...

Lovely sheep!

~*~Amy~*~ AKA Amy Goatress

Garrett808 said...

Just found your blog :)

I'm curious to this boy as you say he is musket? Musket genetically is moorit animals with Ag fading gene Ag/Aa. This boy looks Ab/Aa with some smirslet marking on his face and body phaeo. I raise quite a few spotted katmogets and the only ones that fade have one Ag and one Ab (Ag katmoget) and their legs and belly fade as Ag animals would.

At any rate he is a striking boy! Congrats on a boy with flash!