Monday, March 9, 2009

Clooney & Darlin'

Here's a pic of our two outside dogs, Clooney and Darlin'. Clooney came to us from a local pound and Darlin' showed up one day half starved to death, an apparent victim of dog dumping. (Don't you just hate those people?!) Well, that person's junk was our treasure. :) She's such a lady, always having her paws crossed like that. Clooney was just being silly and begging for a belly scratch in this photo. These dog are pets but they do work here on the farm. They keep coyotes and stray dogs away and Clooney is an awesome mole catcher.


Nancy K. said...

Darlin' looks like she may be an English Shepherd!

I think there must be a special place in Heaven for those who rescue unwanted dogs (or any other animal, for that matter)!

Redbud Lane Farm said...

My vet thinks maybe she is Australian Shepherd. She has the prettiest amber eyes! She was already spayed and is so wonderful with kids and other critters. I just can't imagine why someone didn't want her or at least try to find her a good home. We consider ourselves lucky to have her.