Friday, March 20, 2009

Grass and Hay Fire

Yesterday Dan tried burning a stump out of the middle of a corn field and things got out of hand. Actually, things were fine around 2 o'clock but when he came back at 4:30 the field was burning, the grass was burning and the row of big round bales was on fire. He dropped me and the boys off near the grain bins to try and get it under control there while he jumped in the loader and headed to the other side of the pond and the field. LeRoy, Dan's dad was quickly there with a shovel and worked on the other end of the grass fire. Soon the Monroe City Fire Department was on the scene too. They really didn't have to do much, thankfully, but it was sure good to see them! Chris just happened to have his camera with him so he snapped these pictures. The last I knew the stump was still there. :)


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Men and their projects! Kinda like my husband trying to kill the pigeons that were setting up housekeeping in the shed, and putting birdshot holes in our bedroom window and house siding. Oy.

Bob Tarte said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my books, "Enslaved by Ducks" and "Fowl Weather." I'm glad you're enjoying them. I'm currently writing a new one called "The Funnel of Happiness" about life with six cats.

Redbud Lane Farm said...

You're very welcome Bob! I really enjoyed both of your books and can't wait to read the new one. :)