Thursday, May 24, 2007

Quiet Day

Not much going on here today. All the corn is planted and now we are working on getting the beans in the ground. Chris has been spreading fertilizer for us and got to try his hand at planting for the first time today. They have been calling for rain here for the past two days but so far we haven't gotten anything but sprinkles. I'm already tired of dragging that darn green hose around.

We celebrated Debbie's parents' birthdays this evening with burgers and hot dogs on the grill with the normal summer fair, potato salad, baked beans and chips. Debbie's brother Jeff was there with his wife and 3 daughters. Grandma Schafer turned 60 on Tuesday (3/22) and Grandpa Schafer will be 60 tomorrow (3/25). We had a picture made of all 6 of the grandkids for them. Needless to say they loved it! Happy Birthday Mom and Dad, we love you!!!

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