Thursday, May 3, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Well, it could stop raining any day now and that would be fine with us. We have barely even started planting and now we are rained out. They are calling for rain pretty much all of next week. The sheep need sheared badly but of course we don't want to shear wet sheepies. We're sure it will stop raining about July and forget to start again. We did get to go look at the Kinder goats today. We picked one nice bred doe. She is a FF but is very friendly so we have high hopes. She is registered but the owners aren't sure who she was bred to because she hopped a fence and got into a pen with several bucks, none of which were registered Kinders. We will pick her up on Sunday afternoon if it's not raining too hard. We'll also be trying to schedule the shearing for later next week if it's not raining.

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