Saturday, May 5, 2007

Shearer Blues

We are having such a hard time finding a shearer. Does anyone else ever have this problem? We only have 6 sheep that need sheared, guess that's just not worth it for anyone to come out. We have someone who says he will do it and he will call next week but we heard that from another guy a couple weeks ago and finally had to call him. He was anxious to pass on the phone number of another guy. We'll see. Sheep shearing is really not something we want to learn to do ourselves. Maybe if/when we have 30 head they will be more willing.

I had the opportunity tonight to take our 8 yo niece to a Girl Scout function. That was just plain culture shock for the mother of 3 boys! We made a picture frame and watched the movie "Flicka". We had a wonderful time and I was flattered that she asked me to go with her.

We are supposed to pick up our new bred Kinder doe tomorrow. The woman is supposed to have her papers ready to give me too. I guess if she doesn't have the papers I'm going to pass, just don't trust people very much anymore. I'll try to post some pics if I can. The weather has been very overcast this week and not very good for picture taking.

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Hi Deb, thanks for posting your blog addy on the Shetland list. I have 41 Shetland blogs bookmarked now; I enjoy catching up on everyone's sheep and other interests when I have time. You are welcome to keep up on us and ours at my blog, too.

Last spring I only had two adult ewes, so I sheared them myself. I didn't have the proper equipment (except for a stand the neighbor gave me; MUCH better on the back), so it took forever. This spring I had four ewes to shear -- and wonder of wonders, a new farrier for our horses who used to shear professionally and was willing to do mine for $5/head! I'm going to have him shear at least two again in September; they grow enough length to give two clips. I've had them coated since the March shearing, so am really looking forward to the wonderfully clean fleece to spin!